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Edith Coupland

Edith Coupland



WhatsApp Direct: +297-748-6885

USA: 703 505 2328

Meet Edith, a highly experienced real estate professional with over 23 years of expertise in Aruba and the USA. Her passion lies in helping individuals fulfill their dreams of buying and selling properties and achieving their desired lifestyle.

With her vast knowledge and experience, Edith guides clients through the process of finding their perfect home or successfully selling their property. She is committed to excellence and dedicated to assisting her clients in accomplishing their real estate objectives.

Edith has earned a stellar reputation based on her impressive track record of success. Her strong negotiation skills and exceptional client service set her apart in the industry. She values confidentiality and handles each transaction with the utmost professionalism.

Thanks to her extensive global network, Edith can connect buyers and sellers from different backgrounds and locations, offering her clients a world of possibilities. She understands effective marketing strategies and leverages her expertise to showcase properties, ensuring maximum exposure and attracting potential buyers.

With Edith on your side, expect outstanding results. Her dedication, attention to detail, and personalized approach guarantee the highest level of service and care throughout your real estate journey.

Partnering with Edith means teaming up with a true expert who is committed to making your real estate dreams a reality. Trust her to go above and beyond for you.

Rob Coupland

Robert Coupland

Real Estate Agent / Co-Owner


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USA: 917 300 4858

Dominique Docter

Broker Assistant


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Olga Londoño

Olga Londoño

Real Estate Agent


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